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Earnings in the Internet

  - Cashback - Refunds for purchases
  - Pay Per Leads / Registrations
  - Pay Per Visits / Clicks
  - Payment for Reading eMail
  - Participation in Surveys
  - Install Applications and Games
  - Partner program
  - Referral program
    - Additional earnings for Secretaries, Referents, Assistant Managers
    - Earn in Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, VK
  - Virtual money

Earnings on the Internet

Earnings on the Internet are interesting to many and is really real. If you do not have experience in earning money on the Internet, then consider our project as a way of getting a little extra income.

Extra income on the Internet is available to everyone. You need access to the Internet and a few hours of free time. Most users are interested in additional income that does not require investment. It is about simple ways of earning without investment and will be discussed.

You can earn on the Internet in many ways. There is an opportunity to earn small money without making any special effort to earn money. Go to earnings on the Internet in a complex way and then you can earn very good money. Here you can find different ways of earning and small recommendations for working in UniqWork.

Why do I need to earn on the Internet? Earnings on the Internet allows you to stay at home and at the same time earn. Such earnings do not tie you in time and to a workplace, you can work at any convenient time and in any place where there is access to the Internet. Earnings on the Internet for many becomes a good extra earnings. Here you can find different ways to earn money in the UniqWork project.

How much can you earn on the Internet? Precisely, no one will say how much you can earn on the Internet. It can be a different amount from 1 cents to several hundred dollars a day and even more. The only question is, what are you willing to do to make money on the Internet?

How you can make money on - What we pay for since 2002


Cashback, a term used in Internet commerce, banking and gambling as a designation for a variety of bonus programs to attract customers and increase their loyalty (denoting a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase).

In our case, this is a very simple and proven way for years to save money when buying online stores.

Cashback from UniqWork is .. When you go shopping with our website and make real purchases, we get a commission from sales and transfer most of it to you.

What are the risks? No, and never .. Secret information with modern shopping is the data of your payment card. We never ask to send them to us, tk. the whole process of purchases is carried out personally by you on the site of the sellers you have checked.

Where is the commission? We provide you with special links to the online store. Only if you go to the store after clicking on this link, we earn a commission.

Earnings in Registration / Leads

This is really a unique way of earning ('Unique Work' - Unique work / Unique Job). You are paid for registration on various developing websites of a variety of topics. You are given some assignment, which after execution brings you money. The cost of assignments varies from 5 cents to $ 10 per task.

Registrations / Leads are the most profitable type of earning on the Internet, but also the most time consuming. The registration process is no different from the usual: they went through the proposed link, filled out the registration form, activated the account, received money to the account.

Usually registration on the site of the advertiser is either "Subscribe to news" or "Open a free account (personal cabinet)." Advertisers need this to get new users of its service. To receive a reward for this action, it is advisable to open an account for further active use.

Earnings on Visits / Clicks

Earnings on clicks, or as it is called, surfing sites, one and the most simple methods of earning on the Internet. The essence will be to view these sites for money. This is one of the easiest types of earnings. You do not need to buy or register.

We constantly update the number of available sites for visits. Reward for the quality visit to our advertisers from $ 0.001 to $ 0.25 per visit.

Types of visits:
- simple during a certain time;
- obligatory visit to several pages;
- Compulsory comparison of several products on the advertiser's site.

It is possible that after visiting the sites you will become their participants.

Earnings on Reading Mail

This earnings is similar to the above types of earnings, but differs in that the task you receive on the mail. In most cases, this is either a visit or registration in the program.

This type of earnings requires quality email (for example: gmail, yahoo, hotmail).

Payment for surveys

Marketing surveys are a great way for an advertiser to get feedback and suggestions on new products, services or functions.

Polls for money are also one of the simplest and most accessible ways to make money both in real life and on the Internet. Many firms constantly use information about the opinions of their customers. These opinions they learn through mass surveys for money. If earlier surveys were conducted only on the street or on record, then with the development of the Internet a new method appeared - online paid marketing surveys. The number of companies engaged in online surveys is growing every year.

The main condition for receiving remuneration is the qualitative passage of the marketing questionnaire. The passage time is 10-30 minutes, but the cost is much higher than for visits. It is possible that the advertiser can reward you with some kind of promotional gift.

Money for installing mobile applications and games

Every modern person is inextricably linked with the modern ways of civilization, which, in turn, give new opportunities, both in the working and entertainment spheres. In addition to the interesting use of many different applications for phones and tablets, you can also earn for it.

A prerequisite for receiving a reward is the installation and active use of the mobile application. Especially it concerns mobile games. The advertiser is interested, first of all, in a new and active participant.

Active participant - registration / installation of the application, access to the account, use of the application or game, etc.

To start earning money for the above actions, it is NECESSARY:

1. Register with

2. Study the principles and rules of the work carefully.

3. Earn and receive money.

Additional ways to earn money with

UniqWork partner program - unlimited earnings

If you do not want to make purchases or register, you can earn the same reward if you advertise our advertisers on the Internet.

After registration in our program, affiliate links for advertisers will be available to you.

Ways of advertising: Social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, VK, OK ..), Forums, Contextual advertising and others.

Referral program - 1 $ for each other

A referral is a member who registered with UniqWork after clicking on your special referral link (or who entered your ref-ID when you registered in the "You are invited" field)

After registration in our program you will have a unique referral link and RefCode available for you. Advertise your special referral link and recruit referrals.

Ways of advertising: Social networks (FaceBook, Twitter, VK, OK ..), Forums, Contextual advertising and others. SPAM is banned!

You earn:
- a bonus of $ 1 for each active referral (who will earn at least $ 10).
- 10% of the referral earnings.

How to make money in OK, Facebook, Twitter, VK

If you have groups of friends on the social networks Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, Contact, then place a short description about Uniqwork, indicating your referral link or your referral code.

Additional earnings for Secretaries, Referees, Assistant Managers

If you constantly book air tickets for your manager, train tickets, car rental, business tours, buy presents and gifts, then you can always earn extra money. Register, carefully study the rules of the Affiliate Program and get an excellent reward for the purchases for your boss.

For example, for booking a hotel room on one of the tourist sites represented on UniqWork, you can earn up to 4% of the cost of booking.

How to receive the earned money? Virtual money

The issue of earning money on the Internet is very popular these days. More and more people are working successfully and earn well thanks to the worldwide network. If you earn on the Internet, then you should be interested in one question: how to get the earned money?

All the money earned for your unique work can be obtained in several ways:

- virtual electronic money of electronic payment systems PayPal, WebMoneyTransfer, Skrill, PerfectMoney and others. What is it and how can they be cashed - READ HERE >>

- replenishment of your mobile phone account

- transfer to a bank card (account) upon agreement with us.

We guarantee that you will always receive the earned money for your unique work.

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